My target audience for this blog is primarily other artists, and aspiring illustrators, as well as a community of punk-adjacent creatives that I wish I could identify with as an online community but am too milquetoast to do so.

I’ve attempted to cater my writing style to this audience by writing more casually in my public posts— From my interactions with artists online, a lot of them seem to favor relaxed speech in blogs and any sort of marketing they do. In fact, the stereotypical group of creatives that I’m trying to attract generally treat more professionally written posts with a degree of derision and skepticism. I think I might need to hide my posiel section a bit more in this case because I tend to use a much more stifled dialect when writing for school assignments, and the disparity of language use kind of amplifies the sort of traitorous and cynical ambiance writing about your “audience” can have.

I’ve also tried to tailor my site design to this audience by using primarily hand drawn assets and handwritten fonts. I’m hoping the emphasis on my own work and design in my visual interface will up my credibility as an artist.

Week 7 Process Post

Unfortunately the person that was assigned to do my peer review this week still hasn’t uploaded it, so I’m leaving this section of the process post blank for now. Sorry about that!

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