Hey everybody, it’s me, the Joker. I’m here to write a blog post about the visual arts.

I, the Joker, as well as Batman, had the great privilege to live out our literary childhoods in the printed comic. I say it’s a privilege because it was actually really really bad and I like bad things… the Joker is twisted like that.

Look at this, this was my first design. This is the facial expression an entire team of artists thought was fit for my introduction. I look like such a disgusting little man here… But then again I’m sitting here in 2019 and I’m still a disgusting little man, so what can I say. They were on point.

Then there was Batman issue #66. That was the one where everybody kept saying the word “boner”. It was a different time where a boner meant “mistake”, so it wasn’t as funny back then. They still said “boner” an improbably high amount of times, so it’s kind of uncomfortable.

I do kind of have a “divorced dad” energy here…

I also had a really strange jaw back in those days. That was before I got dental surgery so I could chew better. I’m pretty sure the illustrators were taking advantage of it so they could play up my deranged energy. Not sure how I feel about that, but you know. It is how it is.

Okay, I’m sorry to come out about this one here. but I, the Joker, have never actually consumed Batman media. I saw Lego Batman in theatres, but when I told Bane about it he said that one didn’t count. I only know about myself through cultural osmosis. Because that’s just how the joker rolls. I’m deranged, baby. That’s why I tattooed “damaged” on my head in Suicide Squad.

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