Now, I understand that this blog is still in its nascent period, and one or two images is pretty barren as per what the public typically expects to get browsing through an artist’s portfolio. So I thought a good way to kick this website off would be to share my pre-existing stockpile of art and artistic experience that I built over my high school career.

Now, to the untrained eye, the experiences of teenaged art students are pretty self-similar. The stereotype isn’t ubiquitous, but you can pretty safely assume that any art kid you meet is quiet, geeky, and suffering from some sort of pathological or non-pathological anxiety. And that was definitely true, at least in my case. But even still, there’s value to be found there! I got a ton of stories and works from there that I think is pretty rad actually. But then again, the only thing that’s changed about my personality since then is that the antidepressants I’ve been taking have kicked in, so I may be biased.

I’m gonna go into more detail about my experiences as an art student in following posts, but in this post I’m going to just be posting my work- Primarily from 12th grade. Most of them are made out of printer paper and marker, but if anything that only really encapsulates the energy you live in when you’re a 16 year old with no disposable income.

I drew this racoon on my own time in the latter half of the 2019 school year. Not sure when specifically. The crosshatching and composition turned out way better than I was expecting it to.

I made the piece below as a group project with the Incredibly competent Anu Sharma. Anu did the watercolours in the background while I drew the space whale and satellite with these that tip pens I got for Christmas. Anu was fun to work with and I liked how the colour scheme turned out on her part. It was a nice backdrop for what was probably the lumpiest whale I could have managed to draw in a grade 12 art class.

This was from a project where I had to try to draw an image in the style of another artist. I ended up settling on settling on Jillian Tamaki, a Toronto illustrator. Some of her illustrations have a really distinct shading style that I wanted to try and replicate. I think it turned out pretty well.

This was one of the first full drawings I did when I first bough Copic markers. The semiaquatic deer-gremlin in this image is a creature from Rain World, which for those who have not heard of is a visually stunning but also incredibly frustrating metroidvania game. It has a lot of weird little gremlins like this in it.

This is a more nondescript watercolour painting I did when I was trying to replicate Rain World’s aesthetics, as well as get a handle on colour temperature. Making it really helped drive in how desaturated watercolour paints are- that shadowy area in the background must be 70% paint from how much time I spent trying to get a darker blue going on back there. But it still turned out really well from my viewpoint. Especially now that I have a .png of it that I can filter however I want.

Actually this is a complete tangent, but I just realized that I could just drench everything I make in image filters and you guys would have no way of holding me accountable. Hold on.

There. Now this? This is art.

This one might not look like much, but I managed to colour most of this drawing with just 4 dollar store markers. It turned out pretty messy, but it was apparently pretty impressive because my teacher pasted it up in front of my art class for like a month. Sorry if that comes off as bragging. I definitely am bragging, because the front of my art class was an internationally esteemed office that once hosted works like The Scream and the James Turrell Retrospective gallery, and my printer paper and marker drawing is a masterpiece. I just wanted to apologize for it so I would look more modest.

This was the last school project I did before graduating, and one of my absolute favorites in terms of artstyle. This is when I finally felt like the style I’d been working on throughout the last months of school started to feel really concrete and like something I was really comfortable with. The premise wasn’t really much, but I’m glad I was at least able to hammer a comic out before I walked out of my concrete hellbox for the last time.

And that’s about it for this post. There’s a lot of images I did over high school that didn’t make it in either because I lost them or they were just really bad, but I still have a lot of stories from then that I’m planning on posting later. Stay tuned.

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