1. Please don’t harass other commenters. If you have a disagreement with someone on this blog hash it out here, don’t follow them around with it somewhere else. Similarly, if someone asks you to drop a line of discussion, please do it.
  2. Try to avoid comments that aren’t related to the blog post, especially if they’re of a political nature. I’m not saying that productive online discussions can’t be had about the electoral college but not in a comments section and not on an art blog.
  3. Don’t impersonate, viciously insult or try to flirt with anyone else on this site, and don’t drudge up the real-life drama of other people in the comments section. These are all sort of common-sense rules but I feel like I should put these down for the record. Sometimes people don’t got the foresight and .
  4. Don’t intentionally “nearly but not technically” break the rules, fellas. If you’re skirting the line long enough for it to become a trend people will be able to notice and will generally be pretty put off by it in the same way you would be if you’re just straight up broke the site guidelines and I definitely will step in.

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